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School Bus Pretrip Inspection Photos – Get Something Better!

There are several ways to study for the school bus pretrip inspection, including school bus pretrip photos illustrating each step.  While having photos to go along with the material you’re studying is helpful, eGears has developed something better…

The School Bus PreTrip Inspection DVD

Regardless of if you are an individual looking to obtain a class B CDL or a transportation director at a school looking for a better training tool for your bus drivers – bus pretrip photos are only a part of your solution.bus-pretrip-dvd

Why not invest in a video that features a CDL instructor performing a complete school bus pretrip inspection on camera?  This is the next best thing next to physically walking around a bus with an instructor by your side.

Many people end up coming to eGears after searching Google for “school bus pretrip photos” and are surprised to find we offer a school bus pretrip video & dvd that covers:

  • Exterior School Bus Inspection
  • Bus Interior / In-Cab Inspection
  • Bus Engine Compartment Inspection
  • 4-Point Brake Check Demonstration

There’s been quite the demand for this type of training when it comes to school bus safety. We’ve received some great feedback from school systems that have utilized the pretrip DVD for new hires and retraining of existing drivers.

Check out this review from a new driver in Clayton, Ohio:bus-pretrip-dvd

“The school I just got a job with was using this dvd to teach us how to do a pre trip inspection. Without it there is no way I could have passed. The amount of things to remember is a little overwhelming for someone like me that doesn’t know much of anything about cars. The dvd walked me through each part. Made it so much easier to study.- Debbie from Clayton, Ohio

Currently, this DVD is on special for just $29.95 and you can save an additional 10% by entering the promo code “BLOG” during checkout.

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