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How to: Study for a School Bus Pre-trip Inspection Step by Step

Ensuring the safety of passengers on a bus is one of the most important things for a driver to do, and it all starts with a proper school bus pre-trip inspection. Some people come to eGears searching for DOT pre-trip for school bus and are pleased to find that we have a variety of options to help them prepare for this important part of the CDL skills test.

eGears CDL training takes you step by step to break down the CDL information you need to know. The eGears team wants to give you practical knowledge and ensure your success in the real world.

eGears has considered that students may not always have a school bus or trainer available to them for studying and learning the key items that are on the CDL test. We’ve tried to break down the process of passing the school bus pre-trip inspection into 3 simple steps.

Step 1:    Watch the School Bus Pre-trip Inspection DVDSchool Bus Pre-trip DVD Photo

You  may not always have access to a school bus to practice the vital exterior and in-cab inspections, bus engine compartment inspection, and 4 point brake check demonstration. By using the  School Bus Pre-trip Inspection DVD on your own schedule, you can  watch a CDL instructor perform a complete school bus pre-trip inspection of the two popular school bus styles in use, as many times as you need. Make sure that you ace even the trickiest parts of the inspections!

Step 2:    Print off the School Bus Pre-trip Inspection Checklist

The School Bus Pre-trip Inspection Checklist is the perfect study aid companion to the eGears Pre-Trip Inspection DVD.   The checklist provides a list of the items to look for during a CDL pre-trip inspection, so you can download and print the study guide off and practice on the actual bus itself! With over 100 things to remember, the pre-trip inspection checklist can help make sure you remember everything.

Step 3:   Print off the Class B CDL 4 Point Brake Check Study Guide

While some drivers may struggle with the 4 point brake check, ensure that you’re ahead of the pack with the brake check study guide that you can take everywhere. The Class B CDL 4 Point Brake Check features a full-color, printable study guide and reference explaining the procedures that must be performed as part of the Class B CDL skills exam.

By following these three easy steps and creating your own school bus pre-trip inspection study pack, eGears can help ensure you master the skills mandatory to pass your CDL skills test on the first try.

Read reviews from customers who have followed these steps using the bus pre-trip DVD and get started creating your own pre-trip study pack after watching this free preview.

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