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Free School Bus Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist Preview

class-b-pretrip-checklistIf you want to master the school bus pre-trip inspection, you’ve probably been searching for different study tools to help with this portion of the CDL skills test.  With well over 100 different items to remember, sometimes you just need a nice checklist to use when practicing on a Class B vehicle, such as a school bus (just like in the photo).  Different people learn different ways and eGears has put together a checklist for those that like to, well, check things off!

Here is a brief preview of just a few items to give you an idea on some of the things that are covered:

Front of Bus

  • Lights & Reflectors – includes running lights, headlights, turn signals, hazards, fog lights, & student warning lights

Steering Components

  • Steering Linkage – includes pitman arm, drag link, knuckles, & tie rod

In-Cab Inspection (Engine Running)

  • Safe Start – parking brakes set, transmission in neutral, depress clutch, start engine, & slowly release clutch

To get the complete list of items to identify and class-a-pre-trip-checklistconditions to look for during the School Bus (Class B) Pre-Trip Inspection, just click here or on the graphic in this post.  Don’t forget to enter promo code “BLOG” during checkout to Save 10%.

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