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New Pre-trip Identification Guide Includes Pictures and Diagrams

Did you know there are over 100 items that must be identified during the CDL pre-trip inspection test? Are you looking for a cheat sheet for the pre-trip inspection that will help you learn all of these items?  With so many different items to remember, it can be difficult to decide where to begin.

eGears has always had videos and checklists to help with the In-Cab Inspectionpre-trip inspection, but we recently added a new must-have for any driver preparing for this portion of the CDL skills test.  We’ve taken the best visuals from our CDL Pre-Trip Inspection DVD and combined them with the convenience of our Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist to create an identification guide that makes learning this important procedure easier than ever. eGears now offers a Pre-Trip Inspection Study Guide which includes high-quality, full color inspection pictures and diagrams to guide you through the hundreds of pre-trip items that must be inspected. It has it all!

eGears understands that it’s hard to identify items and know what to study when you don’t even know what items look like or where to find them. Our study guide contains dozens of photos that illustrate and identify the hundreds of items you need to know, making a tractor trailer pre-trip inspection easier to master.

The identification guide is available for insPre-Trip Exterior Inspectiontant download, so you can immediately view the Pre-Trip Inspection Study Guide on your computer screen, print it off, and take it anywhere with you. You finally will be able to meet your study needs!

Don’t take a chance on failing the CDL skills test- get this study guide and start preparing today!

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