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CDL Pretrip Inspection (Class A) – Free Video Preview

Watch the FREE Preview of a Class A CDL Pretrip Video Above

As you can see from this video preview, it’s important to have a full understanding of the pretrip inspection as you’ll be required to do a complete demonstration during the CDL skills test.  While this preview is just a few months in length, there are over 100 items covered on the full length CDL pretrip video.

The pretrip inspection demonstration is based on federal guidelines from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act and the Commercial Driver’s License manual. Every item or inspection point is highlighted.  The CDL Pretrip Inspection was written and developed by trucking industry training experts. Certified CDL examiners helped develop and direct the inspection demonstration. This pretrip video covers all points of the complete inspection and applies to all 50 states.

Get the full CDL pretrip video here  (Save 10% with promo code “BLOG)


Full Video Includes (42 min):

    • Tractor & Trailer Exterior
    • In-Cab Inspection
    • Engine Compartment
    • 4-Point Brake Check Demonstration

Featured Review (read more reviews here):

“I took my CDL skills test today and passed with flying colors. My inspector stated she had been doing this for 7 years and I was the first to have a perfect pre-trip inspection. This product is highly recommended. I want to thank eGears for having this product available and commend them on a job well done with their video. Best wishes to all who are coming up on their testing.
– Jeff Jackson from Douglasville, Georgia

Get the full CDL pretrip video here  (Save 10% with promo code “BLOG”)


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