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Free CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist Preview (Class A)

A complete and proper CDL pre-trip inspection includes over a hundred different items that must be checked prior to operating the commercial vehicle.  As many have learned from experience, one of the best ways to study for this portion of the CDL skills test is by using a pre-trip inspection checklist (often called a “pre-trip cheat sheet” or “pre-trip inspection guide”).

Just to give you an idea on some of the inspection points covered, we’ve put together a quick preview of the eGears Class A CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist.  This features 4 different areas that must be covered along with just 1 (there are more) point from each area. 


Front of Tractor

  • Leaks – check for puddles & drips under the engine

Engine Compartment

  • Alternator – no more than 3/4 inch of play in belts

Front Suspension

  • Shock Absorber – securely mount; not bent, dented or leaking

Front Brakes

  • Slack Adjuster – no more than 1 inch of free play at the push rod with brakes released

To get the complete list of items to identify and conditions to look for during the Class A Pre-Trip Inspection, just click here.  Don’t forget to enter promo code “BLOG” during checkout to Save 10%.

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    It said free, where the hell is the free study guide??? Why does everything have to have a goddamn price ??

    • Gary

      it must have meant free to look at and piss you off