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How Much Does It Cost To Take The CDL Skills Test?

CDL Skills Test MoneyWhen it comes to obtaining a CDL license, one of the most frequently asked questions out there is: how much does it cost to take the CDL skills test?

This will definitely range from state to state, so you want to call the testing site ahead of time to make sure you’re prepared to pay the full amount required. That being said, on the low-end you’re looking at around $60. The low-end is typically going to be at state run testing site since they are not providing equipment (truck, school bus, etc.) On the higher end, some testing sites charge around $200-$250.  Overall, as an average, most testing sites will charge in the $100-$150 range.

This is just one of the many questions people have about the CDL test.  In fact, eGears has put together a complete guide to answer ALL of the CDL FAQs and it’ll be available for FREE soon. 

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