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eGears Online CDL Training Customer Reviews

At eGears, we offer CDL training solutions including CDL practice tests and pretrip inspection DVDs.  If you are preparing for the CDL test, eGears can help you study better so that you can pass the test on your first try.

We’ve worked with experienced CDL instructors to develop courses that teach you the necessary material to prepare for the CDL test.  We have several options available including: DVDs, online courses, and checklists so that you can make a decision depending on your learning style.

Check out what some of our customers have to say:

“This is a lot easier than trying to read and look at pictures.  Thank you.”
Jack from Fortworth on the CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Video

“I was worried about the pre-trip part because it’s so complex but after watching the DVD twice at my work, I pretty much had it memorized. I only forgot one thing during the inspection, but I remembered it before the end so it was ok.”
Jeb from Tallahassee on the Pre-Trip Inspection DVD

“Having this list in my hand while I practiced on a truck outside away from the computer helped me memorize the best order to do my pretrip.”
Rolando from Baton Rouge on the Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

Phil Tandem, one of our other instructors here at eGears also put together this video below providing an overview and additional feedback.

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