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Free Printable CDL Test vs. Online CDL Test Training

While a free printable CDL test may be convenient to use, there are many disadvantages compared to using online CDL test training to pass the permit test.

In order to be a safe professional driver, you need to know and understand CDL information, not just guess and memorize answers for the CDL permit exam. CDL testing sites make the exam questions different each time someone takes a test to help prevent the sharing of information, so if all you do is memorize practice test answers from a free printable CDL test, it will be more difficult to choose the correct answer on the real permit exam.  Plus, many free printable CDL tests not only do not offer complete training, but are often not updated with the frequently changing Department of Transportation rules.

The good news is that eGears offers a free CDL Permit test training demo that allows you to see for yourself how online CDL practice tests make learning the CDL information quick and easy.

eGears features cutting-edge, interactive CDL learning tools that were developed with the help of experienced CDL trainers. Not only can you ensure that you will receive up-to-date CDL information, but you will receive it at an affordable price. There is no need for a printable CDL test when you can access eGears in-depth tools 24/7 anywhere an internet connected computer is available.

eGears full CDL Permit Test Training courses provide over 400 up-to-date, sample CDL test questions that will help you prepare for the actual CDL exam. eGears online CDL practice tests help you identify areas where you need to study more by providing instant feedback in the Interactive Classroom portion of eGears. You will get immediate feedback on whether your answers are right or wrong, and most importantly, why. A free printable CDL test will not be able to offer that.

Completing CDL test training is well worth your time and money.  Don’t take a chance on failing your CDL test- use eGears!

Sign up for the FREE CDL Permit training demo today!

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