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“I failed the CDL permit test. How do I pass it?”

I was searching through some CDL permit test information online and ran across this posting in Yahoo! Answers:





As we’ve said before, posts like this happen all too often.  People are unsure what to study, how much to study and most importantly – they’re unsure as to when they’re ready to take the actual test.

Here are a 5 steps using eGears online CDL Permit training that can help you feel confident that you’re ready to pass the test on the first try:

  1. Sign Up for CDL Permit Test training with eGears.  Don’t worry if you are studying at the last minute – you will have instant access upon completing your purchase.
  2. Start off with the Interactive Classroom portion of the General Knowledge area of eGears.  This features 139 practice questions you may see on the actual CDL permit test.  Each time you submit an answer, you will be told immediately if that answer is right or wrong.  If your answer is wrong, you’ll also receive instant feedback as to why.  Work through the Interactive Classroom until you’re ready to take the eGears version of a CDL practice test.
  3. Once you feel you’re familiar with the material in the Interactive Classroom, move on to the Knowledge Assessment.  The Knowledge Assessment is the eGears version of a practice test.  It’s less questions, and this time you don’t get any feedback on your answers until the end – much like the real CDL test you’ll take at the BMV.  Take this as many times as you like until you get a passing score.
  4. After completing the Knowledge Assessment, you can review the questions you missed and identify points you may need to review again.  Now is a great time to head over to the Learning Resources area to get some additional study materials.  Here you will have access to a glossary, flash cards, and even sections of the CDL Manual.  Using these additional resources will help make sure you’re ready for the real test.
  5. The final step is to repeat steps 1-4 for each of the sections – General Knowledge, Air Brakes, & Combination Vehicles.  Work through each section as many times as you like and continually use the Knowledge Assessment “practice test” as a measuring stick.

There is a reason why the eGears CDL Permit Course is the #1 selling product in our store and used by the top trucking schools in the country.  That’s because, completing these 5 steps has been proven to work.  Sign up today and get serious about passing the CDL permit test.

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  • Ray

    There are other websites they give the CDL permit test for free!!! What makes your website much better than the free ones!!