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HazMat Practice Test Review from Nevada, Missouri

Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Endorsement Overview

When added to a CDL license, the HazMat endorsement opens up opportunities for drivers to make more money.  Simply put, by being able to haul items such as hair spray, batteries, finger nail polish and other hazardous materials you can take on loads that other drivers would have to turn down.  More opportunities = more money.

In order to add the HazMat endorsement to your CDL in Missouri, you must pass a written test which covers the Hazardous Materials section of the CDL manual.  While it may seem like just another test, this is an important endorsement to have and is encouraged by a lot of the major transportation companies.

To help make getting the HazMat endorsement in Missouri an easier process, eGears offers a practice test that saves you the time of leafing through the CDL manual.  We’ve been receiving some great reviews and wanted to share one from a customer in Missouri.

HazMat Practice Test Review

“I Used eGears previously for my CDL-Permit with great results, And sure enough they didnt fail me when I needed my HazMat, Used eGears for about 12 hours over 3 days read the entirety took my knowledge test online and passed it 4 times, Went the next morning and passed my Hazmat test with no problems! Definitely would recommend anyone to try it!” – Drew S. from Nevada, MO

HazMat Practice Test - Nevada Missouri

How to Get Started

Studying for the CDL HazMat test doesn’t have to be difficult.  In fact, getting started with eGears is easy.  Just sign up for the HazMat course here and you will have immediate access to sample test questions and answers.  You can choose to review all of the material at one time, or split it up over the course of several days like Drew did.  Once you’ve worked through the study questions and passed the practice test you’ll know you’re ready!

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