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Making Change: From Cashier to CDL Driver

We received the following review/story from Constance from Bronx, NY and naturally, we just had to share. We asked Connie why she decided to get her CDL. Here’s what she had to say: I have this desire to change my career path and thought to myself, “Self, what about driving a school bus?” which is […]

Prevent Maintenance with Proper Pre-Trip Inspections

Elisa P. is the HR Director for Swift Enterprises (no, not that Swift) out of Tennessee. Her company recently purchased our Class A Pre-Trip Inspection Study Pack and had nothing but good things to say, so we reached out to Elisa to ask about her motivations for buying the course: We were noticing that maintenance […]

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen — Time to Hit the Road

We recently received this review from Carole out of Oregon that we wanted to share with you all today… “I absolutely love the pre-trip inspection video. I can pause it to look at the engine parts or steering or brakes. It’s the best video to prepare for the CDL test.” – Carole H. As you […]

Tired of Boring Pre-Trip Videos? eGears Can Help!

When we created eGears, we originally set out to provide a resource for individual people trying to get their Class A and B CDLs. But over time, we’ve seen an influx in businesses utilizing our tools to train their fleets of drivers. One of these businesses is Wick Buildings. Jane Kapusta was tasked with finding […]

We Have a Winner! Truck Driving Championships 2013

The National Truck Driving Championships took place in Salt Lake City from Wednesday, August 21 to Saturday, August 24. The annual contest is sponsored by the American Trucking Association and aims to emphasize the importance of safe driving. Contestants in the national contest were all winners from each individual state’s Trucking Association Championship. In order […]

Back To School Special – Free School Bus Pre-Trip Checklist

It’s back to school time and we’ve got a special offer for bus drivers.  From now through September 15th, we’re throwing in a FREE School Bus Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist with any Bus Pre-Trip DVD purchase.  No promo code to enter.  Just order the DVD and we’ll print it off to be included in your package. […]

6 Steps to Pass the Pre-Trip Inspection in 6 Seconds

Can you find out how to pass the pre-trip inspection part of the CDL skills test in just 6 seconds?  Watch this 6 second video (also called a Vine) to find out: Now that you’ve seen how the Class A Pre-trip inspection DVD can help you get your CDL license, let’s review the 6 steps […]

Employees Need to Get a CDL? Here’s Your Plan To Make It Happen

Every now and then we get inquiries from companies who are interested in our products for their employees. Maybe they need to train a group of drivers, or maybe changes in city government require all city officials to get a Class A CDL. Whatever the case, sometimes you just need a way to train people […]

What Do Rowdy Kids & Spring Have To Do With School Bus Driver Safety?

Spring is here and for most of us the weather is finally changing.  It’s a great time time of year – time to get outside and get active.  It’s also time for Spring Break.  But what does Spring have to do with school bus driver safety?  A lot actually. You see, when Spring time comes […]

In a Hurry? Why Cutting Off a Semi Truck Isn’t Worth It

Last week, our Driver Solutions friends published this post on the dangers of cutting off big trucks. It’s a helpful topic that both truck drivers and small car drivers can benefit from, so I thought I’d do a post of my own on the subject today. We’re all familiar with being cut off. It sucks, […]