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Hazmat Review: “Took Course Once and Passed After That!”

While endorsement tests aren’t necessarily as difficult as the CDL permit test, they can still be of some trouble to some. When we received this review from Jeff, we knew it would resonate with fellow eGears customers:

I tried 2 times reading the manuals and taking the [Hazmat] test with failure. I signed up for online eGears, took the course once, studied my wrong answers, and passed my test the first time after that.

We reached out to Jeff to get a little more information on why he decided to add the Hazmat endorsement to his license. Jeff says he was offered a job hauling cryogenic gas. “I’ve had my tanker endorsement. I’m almost 50 and studying for tests was never easy for me, especially memorization. I started driving before commercial driver’s licenses and was grandfathered into my CDL. I should have at that time taken advantage of getting my endorsement.”

For those that need to get a CDL permit or add an endorsement to their license quick, eGears’ practice tests are the way to go. There’s no need to repetitively read over the CDL manual from cover to cover multiple times when you can get the hands on learning eGears provides!

Learn about eGears’ Hazmat Endorsement Course 


A Crash Course for the CDL Permit Test

Trying to pass the permit test and get your CDL license can be very intimidating, especially if you don’t know where or how to prepare. We recently received a review from Joe G. that many people will be able to relate to:

In order to obtain a driving position at my current company, I had to have a CDL license with a Hazmat endorsement. I have never driven a semi and I needed a crash course (no pun intended) to learn as quickly as possible. A friend who has used eGears to obtain their license highly recommended your program. I researched several online schools, but your variety of teaching tools and fair pricing closed the deal for me. I highly recommend your online schooling to anyone looking to pass their CDL permit test or obtain Hazmat and tanker endorsement.

As Joe mentions, many people need to get a CDL for either a new or an existing job, and they need to get it FAST. That means sitting around for a two months to study the CDL handbook just isn’t going to fly. So what’s the best way to prepare for the CDL permit test in minimal time? eGears’ online tests, of course!

eGears’ CDL permit and endorsement tests are hands-on study tools that reduce the amount of time needed to study for the CDL. There’s no monotonous reading over and over again because students will LEARN instead of memorizing, and thus actually remember the material.

Looking for a simpler way to study? Check out eGears’ CDL Permit Tests and Hazmat Endorsement Test.


“The Best $15 Bucks I’ve Spent in Years” – CDL Permit Course Review


Getting a CDL can be a long, arduous process…if you don’t use the right study tools. We received this review from Jeremy out of New York last week that we had to share with you all:

I used this product for 5 days, to study for my CDL-A with Tanker endorsement test (New York State). When I got there and began taking the four tests (general knowledge, air brakes, combination vehicles and tanker) I was nervous until I realized that about 123 of the 125 questions on their tests were on the eGears study questions and tests. I only missed 3 questions on the combined four tests. This is an outstanding product, and well worth the money. They even tell you on the practice exams that you need to get every question right on their practice tests, or else you should review the whole section again. This is the best $15 bucks I’ve spent in years. Thank you E-Gears!

- Jeremy H., Olean, NY

CDL permit test Imagine your new career resting on your ability to memorize 150 pages worth of bland, boring information from the CDL manual. Pretty intimidating, right?

It doesn’t have to be. It all depends on how you prepare for the CDL permit test. With our Class A Permit Course, aspiring CDL holders can prepare for their test in a more hands-on way than simply reading the CDL manual cover to cover.

For 60 days, users can study the federally regulated CDL material as many times as needed to master the information prior to taking the CDL test at a local DMV. Multiple sections in the program make it simpler to learn the large amount of information required to get a Class A CDL.

Study better, not longer with eGears’ Permit Course!


Making Change: From Cashier to CDL Driver

school bus pre-trip inspection

We received the following review/story from Constance from Bronx, NY and naturally, we just had to share. We asked Connie why she decided to get her CDL. Here’s what she had to say:

I have this desire to change my career path and thought to myself, “Self, what about driving a school bus?” which is very different from cashiering at a supermarket. I decided to commit to the idea and my goal is to now make it a reality. I can better help myself and my family in many ways that a supermarket job couldn’t. Your website provides various tools and guides to assist me and many others in reaching their desired licenses. Thank you for all your help.

Connie brings up a great point – driving a large vehicle like a semi truck or a school bus is very different from anything most people have ever done before. It takes a lot of preparing in order to memorize everything that will need to be checked during a routine pre-trip inspection.

A pre-trip inspection must be performed before every trip — hence the name, pre-trip inspection. It’s crucial to your safety as a driver, as well as the safety of your passengers. However, seeing as there are around 100 items to name and check for, often this portion of the CDL skills test gives people some trouble.

In our pre-trip demonstrations, CDL instructor Phil Tandem walks viewers through every part of the inspection. He identifies each item that must be inspected to pass the test as helpful onscreen tips point out items and conditions that must be mentioned to the examiner.

Need some assistance mastering the pre-trip inspection?

Browse eGears’ collection of pre-trip inspection study tools. Study better, not longer, with eGears!

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Getting Harder to Find Good Work? eGears Can Help

hazmat tanker truckJust wanted to say thanks – your endorsement course for Hazmat was very helpful, more than the manual from the DMV! Thanks! –Larry C.

We recently received the above review from Larry out of Connecticut and of course had to share his story with you. When we reached out to Larry to learn his reasons for purchasing our Hazmat endorsement practice test, this is what he shared with us:

I’ve been a mechanic all my life working on cars, trucks, and bikes. I drove a school bus for 2 years and drove a dump truck a long time ago. Now that it is hard to work as a mechanic and since I had my CDL-B, I thought it would be a good time to go back to driving. So I needed to get the Hazmat and Tanker endorsements. I read the manual from the DMV and I failed, so I found eGears. It was very helpful and I passed the test!

Larry spent many years doing mechanic work on cars, trucks, and bikes. But times got hard and finding work as a mechanic became increasingly more difficult for Larry. Since he had experience driving various vehicles in the past, he decided it was time to get back into a driving career. After all, it’s an industry that has a high demand for drivers right now. Larry already had a Class B CDL, but needed to get a couple endorsements — specifically, the Hazmat and tanker endorsements. So he picked up the CDL handbook from his local DMV and ran into a problem we commonly see here at eGears — the handbook is chock full of information and can make it difficult to retain the material before taking the endorsement tests at the DMV.

Unfortunately, when he went to take the test at the license branch, he didn’t pass. So Larry did what any sensible individual would do, and purchased our Hazmat practice test program. After some time studying with the program, he headed off to the DMV again and passed that time!

eGears is a great hands-on tool for those who find the CDL handbook a little (or a lot) overwhelming. Because it’s in the same type format as the tests you’ll see at the DMV, it’s a good study aid that’s sure to help you actually learn the material instead of just memorizing it for long enough to pass the test. If you need help preparing for a permit or endorsement test, check out our selection of products to help you study better, not longer!

How eGears Can Help

Sign up for the HazMat Practice Test here!
Still need to get a CDL permit?  We have permit practice tests too.


A $14.95 Investment for a $2,000 Pay Raise

Money Clip

A CDL isn’t always used to find an existing job. Reasons for getting a commercial driver’s license can really run the gamut, from needing it for a promotion or a raise to needing it for legal reasons or changes in how a business runs.

We received this review from Derek the other day on our Class A CDL Permit Course:

Downloaded it on a Thursday night and passed general studies on Friday and air brakes and combination vehicles Saturday morning. Helped a lot! Better than reading the book!

Naturally, we followed up with Derek to find out his reasons for getting a Class A CDL…

I got my CDL because my job offers $1/hour pay raise plus a $100 bonus if you get it. I work in construction hauling heavy equipment and dump trucks.

If that’s not enough incentive to get a Class A CDL, I don’t know what is! Let’s look at the math — let’s say for example’s sake you work a 40 hour week – that extra $1 per hour leads to an extra $2,080 a year! Not too shabby for a $15 investment, huh?

eGears is a low cost, quick way for both inexperienced and experienced CDL drivers to learn the information needed to pass a CDL permit test. Our online courses allow customers to study on their own time at their own pace, and we hear from many different people that after only a few days of studying with the program, they passed the permit test with flying colors!

Need a CDL permit? Check out our Permit Practice Test Courses here.


5 Ways eGears Has Helped Customers All Over the U.S.

Throughout the years, eGears has been able to help customers from all over the states in a variety of ways. We always like to follow up with our customers to learn their stories and reasons for pursuing a CDL. Among all these reviews, there is one common theme — eGears allows people to get their CDL quickly and on their own time, which means making money faster! Are you in a similar situation? eGears might be the answer for you.

Today, we’re going to share a few of our favorite customer stories from the past few weeks.

Making a Brand New Career Change with eGears CDL Practice Tests

Marlon is taking the plunge into an entirely new career. After speaking to a few friends involved in the trucking industry, he found eGears and used it to prepare for his permit test. Read more about Marlon’s story here.

Prevent Maintenance with Proper Pre-Trip Inspections

Elisa purchased a pre-trip inspection DVD for her company, Swift Enterprises, when the maintenance staff noticed that issues that should’ve been caught during a pre-trip inspection were going undetected. Learn more about how eGears is helping this company.

Fighting Fires with eGears CDL Practice Tests

In order to apply for a job as a Heavy Fire Equipment Operator with CalFire, Ryan had to get his class A CDL permit. After studying with eGears for a few days, he passed his permit test on the first try with flying colors.

On My Way to a Well-Paying Career

Roy needed a class B CDL permit to land a job with potential for a pretty hefty pay raise after 90 days. He bought the Class B Permit Course, studied for a few days, passed his test, and is now working on the pre-trip inspection part of his CDL!

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen – Time to Hit the Road!

Carole needed a career change after spending several years at a cook in elementary/high schools. Now that her children are grown, she decided it’s time to hit the road as a school bus driver. Learn about Carole’s career switch here.



Making a Brand New Career Change with eGears CDL Practice Tests

New Career Journey

Starting a new job can be scary enough even when you’re familiar with the industry and the territory that comes with it. But what about embarking on an entirely new career altogether? Something you know nothing about. Marlon has some insight on the matter…

I’m trying to make a career change into the truck driving world but I have no idea what it’s like. After speaking to friends that are truck drivers and checking out websites and online videos, I came across eGears. It’s like the closest thing to the real thing based on all the research that I have been doing and what my truck driver friends told me! Since buying eGears I have learned so much about trucks that I didn’t know. It has been about two weeks since I’ve had it, and I’m now ready to do my exam even though I have only studied a few times!

Learning is so easy with eGears online course. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to get their CDL license. I’ll be going for my exam soon and I’m positive that I will pass and be on the road soon.

It can be nerve wracking trying to prepare for a new career — we understand that. eGears has helped many people in this same situation who want to get a CDL license for a new job but aren’t sure where to begin. Maybe they don’t have the time or money to attend a truck driving school but they still need to learn the material well enough to pass a permit test.  Whether you’re a beginner with a clean slate or someone who needs a little refresher, eGears can bring anyone up to speed on the trucking/professional driving industry in a short amount of time.

Need help preparing for the CDL permit test or pre-trip inspection? eGears has the study method for you.

View CDL permit tests.

View pre-trip inspection study aids.


Prevent Maintenance with Proper Pre-Trip Inspections

Pre-Trip Exterior InspectionElisa P. is the HR Director for Swift Enterprises (no, not that Swift) out of Tennessee. Her company recently purchased our Class A Pre-Trip Inspection Study Pack and had nothing but good things to say, so we reached out to Elisa to ask about her motivations for buying the course:

We were noticing that maintenance issues that should’ve been caught when doing pre-trip inspections were not, and then [trucks] were breaking and causing more trouble/downtime. We also accept student drivers and want to give them the tools needed to succeed. So, basically we are using it as an additional training tool to help not only our drivers stay on the road and out of the shop, but to also assist us with less downtime due to routine maintenance issues.”

The Importance of a Pre-Trip Inspection

Professional truck drivers and trucking companies know how important it is to perform a proper pre-trip inspection every day. On top of it being mandatory for all CDL holders, performing a proper pre-trip (say that 3 times fast) can help to prevent maintenance and downtime in the future as a result of truck breakdowns. Breakdowns mean a driver doesn’t get paid, so it’s a good idea to have a solid knowledge on what to look for when performing a pre-trip inspection in order to minimize downtime and maximize take home pay!

Not only can failing to perform a pre-trip inspection cost you money in your pocket, but it can also cost a job. Failing to perform a pre-trip inspection can result in points on a CSA score. This could threaten your career, and it’s something that’s easily avoidable as long as pre-trip inspections are performed. A couple hours in the shop, or a couple days/weeks/months out of service?

Check out eGears Pre-Trip Inspection products here.


Cool Customer Story: Fighting Fires with eGears CDL Practice Tests

Recently we’ve been highlighting some cool customer stories and positive reviews we’ve received from those who have ordered our CDL products. Ryan ordered our Class A Permit Course and recently left a very positive review of the course…

Best Study Guide on the Market!”

This study guide was amazing! It was very easy to get through and with so many extra study material for all 3 tests, they covered everything! I passed my Class A test first time up for California with flying colors. Definitely recommend to anyone trying to get theirs.

- Ryan F.


Image credit: Jordan Nielsen, Flickr

We reached out to Ryan to find out what his reasons for getting a CDL were.

Ryan told us that he decided to get his CDL so he could apply for a position with CalFire as a Heavy Fire Equipment Operator. Another cool customer story! He told us he had to get his CDL, and quickly, because the job posting closed on the 31 of March. Ryan says he was able to study the eGears material over the weekend and on Monday, and took and passed the CDL permit test with flying colors on Tuesday.

This is one of the biggest perks of eGears’ online CDL permit test — how quick it is to use. With an interactive program, customers are able to learn the material quicker and easier without spending countless hours reading through bland, wordy text in the CDL state manual. Rather than reading the info time and time again and trying to just memorize information, students will actually learn the info with eGears’ study course.

Check out eGears CDL Practice Tests here.